”這種遠古公社(ancient commune)理論的支持者認為,我們看到現代婚姻常有不孕的困擾、離婚率居高不下、不論大人小孩都常有各種心理問題,其實都是因為現代社會逼迫所有人類採用一夫一妻的核心家庭,而這其實與我們的生物本能背道而馳。許多學者強烈反對這種理論,堅信一夫一妻制和核心家庭就是人類的核心行為。這些學者主張,雖然古老的狩獵採集社會比起現代社會更為平等而共有共享,但還是由獨立的單位所組成,每個單位就是會嫉妒的情侶、加上他們的孩子。也因為如此,今天多數文化仍採用一夫一妻制的核心家庭,男男女女都對彼此和孩子有強烈的佔有慾。(p.55)“{10}

"The proponents of this ‘ancient commune’ theory argue that the frequent infidelities that characterise modern marriages, and the high rates of divorce, not to mention the cornucopia of psychological complexes from which both children and adults suffer, all result from forcing humans to live in nuclear families and monogamous relationships that are incompatible with our biological software. Many scholars vehemently reject this theory, insisting that both monogamy and the forming of nuclear families are core human behaviours. Though ancient hunter-gatherer societies tended to be more communal and egalitarian than modern societies, these researchers argue, they were nevertheless comprised of separate cells, each containing a jealous couple and the children they held in common. This is why today monogamous relationships and nuclear families are the norm in the vast majority of cultures, why men and women tend to be very possessive of their partners and children. (p.55)"{10}