Translation of Fire Circle

“...It spent some time to make OO realized why people wanted to jump through the fire circle, it made him behind everyone a lot, the circle made sounds, it made him felt itchy even he just looked at it.
“You need to wait in the line, sir.” the staff in a vest patted his shoulder.
“When can I get to the in front of the line?”
“I don’t know, you need to get your health checked first!”the staff said,
“but I think you can’t pass this time.”

OO was a little angry, but he couldn’t do anything, even himself didn’t think he could pass. He waited and waited with other people in the line, until one day he didn’t feel like trying, he forgot the reason to be accepted goods, and the staff from the health center told him they would tag him as scrap item but not ”return goods“ nor ”substandard goods“. They would set those people also tagged as scrap items together, he heard something bad would happen to those people, he didn’t know how bad it would be, but surely worse than now.

OO thought be patient then he could receive the approval document from the department, at least he thought he already tried hard enough to achieve those examinations (except some small problems he couldn’t fix). A guy he met from a line finally got the “return goods ” tag, but it was conditional (that guy had big bone, he couldn’t jump through the circle, a staff suggested remove his left or right side of body). He had a change to be “reprocessed products”. Even he couldn’t be accepted goods,
it’s good enough, OO was jealous, he still haven’t got the document, he event didn’t know how to be fixed, he didn’t want to lose his left or right side, he didn’t understand why he got a F on mind correction class.

“ You are stupid, can’t you even fake it?” someone told him that, this accusation bothered him, that guy even didn’t have bottom of the body, OO saw it , his legs were necrosis , he didn’t think those crooked legs could jump, maybe that guy thought broken legs couldn’t pretend healthy, but mind could.

...OO decided to cut in the line, but he realized he jump too low, he never did that before, some people could did things they never did well, obviously, OO couldn’t. If he could, he wouldn’t stay in the line for long time. The fire circle fell down, the flame burnt from OO’s shirt, he died in the end, also burnt some accepted goods, they had to back to the line of return goods or substandard goods over and over again.” 

Fire Circle,2018