“某一天,我在百貨公司看到一對年輕父母,站在嬰兒車前面,孩子 正哇哇大哭著。『再等一下看看吧!』就這樣放著孩子哭。看到小嬰 兒,不需要心理學、保育學的知識,自然的就會想要把他抱起來吧? 不是因為想喝奶,也不是因為尿布濕了,嬰兒就是有這樣哭著的時 候,抱著她,溫柔的搖一搖,就不會哭了吧?這對父母卻不知道這樣 理所當然的事,對著哇哇大哭的嬰兒說:『再等一下看看吧!』。”{5} 

"One day, I saw a young parents, stand in front of the baby carriage, the baby was crying. “Let’s hold on a little while longer.” When you see a baby, you don’t need to know much about psychology or child care, you would hold it naturally, right? Not because the baby wants milk, nor because the diaper is wet, sometimes baby cry, just hold the baby then the baby might not cry. That parents didn’t know these things, even said “Let’s hold on a little while longer.”to the crying baby." {5}